Destin Area Dining

Our Personal Choices for Destin's Best Restaurants

Destin is home to many local and area chain restaurants. Whether you're looking to eat by the beach, by the bay, or just on dry land, we'll do our best to give you our personal favorites - restaurants that have never disappointed, no matter what the item or the price.

Pompano Joe’s


Pompano Joe's is a beautiful by-the-sea restaurant overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, with nothing but a single staircase seperating you and your meal from the white sands of the Emerald Coast. While its location alone might be enough to sell the restaurant to any passerby, the food surpasses all expectations and never fails to leave customers satisfied.

Located just minutes from the beach, Lost Pizza Co is one of Destin's favorite pizza spots!

Kenny D's

Captain Dave's beachfront

Austons Oyster Bar & Grill

Surf Hut beachfront